The studs are made by melting some gold or silver into a bead and then smashing it flat with a sledge hammer. Set stones, add posts and backs and Presto! you now have a pair of cool studs!

“Antiqua Rediviva”

I love interpreting different styles and eras in my jewellery, it’s a bit like being a method actor: inhabiting a character without copying specifics but making it new. Here the rose cut diamonds – the oldest faceting for gem stones – provided the inspiration.

The champagne rose cuts are set in pure palladium and, for the “new interpretation”: champagne brilliant cut diamonds in the centre!

“Northern Spring”

A forged and blackened sterling silver cuff, set with sapphires of different hues of blue,  creates an image of tangled branches that rustle with with icy water.

The ring is in open work with silver twigs overlapping each other and securing vivid blue sapphires as well.

Last shake of winter before milder weather, perhaps.