“Midsummer Night”

I always thought these rings are perfect summer rings: dark but luminous like the summer nights, leaves and vines from summer gardens, and white gold to cool us down after another hot day.

“Midsummer Night” gold with oval spinel.
“Ami” white gold with small sapphires.
“Flora” white gold with diamonds.


Rose gold leaves strewn about on a blackened silver ring, vines and beads of rose gold wind and dot their way around white diamonds in the black surface.
And in the centre a champagne coloured diamond that ties it all together.


An absolutely unique and beautiful rose cut peridot set in a hexagonal “fortress” surrounded by tiny diamonds. The ring has a really muscular feel to it with it’s strongholds, where the heavy band meets the setting, also set with little diamonds.
The ring is made in 18 k yellow gold.